Chairman Settar Aslan, sent a letter in 4 different languages and called on the trade unions and confederations which it has communication to react Israeli oppressions against the Palestinians.
22.05.2018 00:00

The letters in English, Arabic, French and Russian ofwhich chairman of Öz orman-iş Settar ASLAN has sent is as following,


In demonstrations initiated on March 14 for protesting the moving of US Embassy to Jerusalem and the 70th anniversary of Israel’s invasion of their country, the death toll of the Palestinians massacred by the Israeli soldiers who opened fire on Palestinian people rises to 62 with another injured 2770 demonstrators.

8 of the causalities and 25 of the injured people include children and 86 of them are women.

Retaliating against the demonstrations of the Palestinians leading a life in exile in their homeland whose life has been turned to hell through the toughest and most cruel embargoes and who were devoid of their homes and districts in such a mighty and relentless manner is a diabolical, grimy and bloodstained policy intolerable bythe inner conscience of any human being.

Israel,employing violence and terror as a means to perpetuate its expansionist and occupying policies, has always opted for existing as a warmonger and violent instrument. With an attitude of impunity based on the confidence supported by the USA and some Western Countries, Israel, after having reduced the region to blood and tears and not paying attention to any country and organization which condemn the terror policy exercised and ignoring the resolutions of UN, has become a serious threat for the Middle East and world peace.

The perpetrators of all the happening are the officials of Israel and those of USA who unconditionally provide support for Israel.There is no rational and political aspect of pronouncing and recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and such pronouncement has no association with the realities of the region. Efforts for pronouncing Jerusalem as the capital are aimed at supporting the occupying and expansionist policies of Israel, legitimating the systematic torturing and pressures exercised on Palestinian people and striving to eliminate the peacekeeping opportunity and possibility.

Such irresponsible acts and conduct of Israel and USA within the region which poseserious and permanent threats are woefully not responded by any deterrent reaction from world states as well as international organizations, especially UN and EU.

Availing herself to such flimsy reaction or unresponsiveness, Israel gradually increases the oppression and tyranny over Palestinian people.

This policy is not only unjust, but also is not sustainable.

The Ottoman Empire is the only state which extended a helping hand of friendship to those Jews having fled Spain owing to the oppression and tyranny prevailing during1400s. Such an inhuman tyranny exercised on Palestinians which are of oneof the peoples of Ottomans will render Israel, claiming to be a Jewish State, culpable and convicted before the history.

It is hard to comprehend the transformation of Israel, arguing to be the state of people who were exposed to tyranny and genocide of Nazis, to an aggressive country opting for exercising a sort of genocide on Palestinian people.

The universal conscience as well as history will render occupying, expansionist and torturing Israel nourishing on policy of wrath and her supporters to stand in the dock.

All labour organizations in Turkey stand against the policy of Israel and USA to pronounce Jerusalem as the capital. Such organizations made statements condemning the opening fire on Palestinian demonstrators who were protesting the pronouncement of Jerusalem as the capital and turning such incident to a massacre. Ruling and opposition parties issued statements which condemn Israel.

The non-governmental organizations have also condemned the policies of Israel through meetings which attracted substantial participation.

We, as a non-governmental organization, could not remain silent in the face of the policies of Israel. Hak-İş Confederation of which we are the member held a large meeting.

We believe in the fact that remaining silent in the face of injustice will not only embolden unjust people, but also render those remain silent the accomplices of the crimes being committed.

I strongly believe that labour organizations who always fight for right and justice will sympathize more with the grief and suffering of the Palestinian people who are left devoid of their soils. I am of the opinion that such organizations will not leave Palestinian people alone given the Israel’s systematic oppression and torturing.

Pronouncement of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel means entrenching upon the right of the Palestinians as well as that of billions of people who are the members of three holy religions.

The trade unions have no luxury of remaining silent in view of such substantial injustice.

As a labour leader and labourer, I kindly request and expect for you to not remain silent and react against the dirty and bloody massacre conducted by occupying Israel on Palestinians who demonstrate for seeking their rights, and take solid steps aimed at enlightening the public opinion, and extend my deepest regards.


President of Öz Orman-İş Trade Union

Vice President of Hak-İş Confederation


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