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International Young Foresters Competition held at Moscow

Öz Orman-İş coordinated competition process in Turkey. Mr Aslan, the union leader, attended the competition in Moscow and visited the Turkish diplomatic mission.
03.10.2018 00:00

MOSCOW (AA) – The 15th International Young Foresters Competition organized by the Federal Forestry Agency of the Russian Federation starts in Moscow with the participation of Turkish competitors.

The competition started in the Capital, Moscow, with the attendance of 120 participants from all around the world including Turkey, the Turkey coordination of which was organized by Öz Orman-İş

Mr. Settar Aslan, the leader of Öz Orman-İs Trade Union, in an interview with the correspondent of AA, stated that “our aim is to go back to Turkey with an award and hopefully, we desire to go back to Turkey by being rewarded for the efforts of our students, uttering their satisfaction for participating in this competition organized for enhancing the awareness for nature”.

Prof. Dr. Ömer Küçük from the Faculty of Forestry of Kastamonu University continued to state that “this natural resource should be preserved as is and even transferred to next generations in a sustainable manner”,emphasizing the fact that forests are global assets of all nations”.

Küçük, who pointed out the fact that they prepared two important projects as to prevention of forest fires and wildlife”, further added that “We have pre-eminently got prepared for such two projects and came here for being rewarded”.

The competition in which Turkey participates for the first time closed with the award ceremony to be held on the 20th of September.

The Union Leader, Aslan, who gave the Turkish students their awards, indicated that “Öz Orman-İş, the largest union in the agricultural and forestry sector, pays  aspecial sensitivity to nature and environment.


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