20.03.2020 16:43

As it is already known the Covid-19 virus has launched at China and now became a global threat. It should be stressed that Turkey has already taken serious of measures even before the new cases shown up in Turkey. Turkey followed up the updates closely and informed Turkish nation through national channels, radios and social media. Firstly; Turkey suspended the flights to the cities of Beijing, Guangzhoui, Shangai and Xian on 31 January 2020. Turkish citizens who live or work in China, were brought safely to their homeland. Thermal screening devices were installed at airports to prevent the entry of infected passengers. On 23th of February, border crossings with Iran were shut down. Now as the virus outbreaked from a man who returned from Europe, Health Minister calls on citizens to avoid going abroad and urges to receive self-quarantine for 14 days. Flights have been cancelled to affected countries at Europe.

Regarding the economical effect of the counties; it could be said that while Chinese economy slowing down, the price of oil started to drop at Turkey. But as the virus spread in Europe it could be said that the exportation of the supplies & products have been restricted to support local market.  As many companies have been well informed regarding this vital virus, many of them made risk analysis in the long term and received action plan. Many tourism companies cancelled tour programs and organizations. Even though Turkey runs security processes better than other EU countries, there is a strict restriction and control of those who arrive from abroad. Unfortunately this situation will reflect tourism sector which will directly effect Turkish economy. Fortunately, Turkish Government has launched many financial measures to fight the impact of coronavirus.

All the official visits have been cancelled. Elementary and secondary schools were closed on 16th of March 2020. Students receive online education through the internet and TV. Universities also use the distance learning programme. All sport competitions will be held without spectators.

Many business person changed their schedule and postponed the meetings at abroad. More and more people transform their living places in to home offices. Shopping centres working hours were changed as 12 am- 20.00 pm. Many of brands   began temporary closures. All bars, restaurants, cafes, organisational events, public prayers at mosques, hamams indoor activities, concerts are closed and cancelled. Many restaurants and cafes give service as take as away. The beauty centres receive reservations and give service individually.


Aid package will be applied to companies, business world and various industries. Bank debt payments of the people will be postponed for 3 months.

April-May and June VAT and social security payments of retails and many sectors (automotive, logists-transportation, event organisation sectors) will be postponed for six months.

VAT rate for domestic flights lowered from 18 percent to 1 percent for 3 months.

Businesses affected negatively by the virus can delay credit debts for 3 months.

If needed companies could be supported financially.

Exporters will be given stock finance support to continue their capacity.

Turkish Public Bank (Halkbank) postponed credit, interest and dept payments for 3 months for those who are effected negatively.

The credit guarantee fund limit will be increased to 7.7 billion dollar and the credit will be firstly given to small and medium companies.

Turkey will support minimum wage fun and make it more flexible.

Turkish aviation company; Turkish Airlines, will be supported fınancially by Turkish government.


As the current effects of virus change rapidly, our trade union received many measures to minimise the risks of the virus as it adopts the health and safety of its workers in the first place. To do this, we shared latest information and received practicable precautions at the work places.  Protective disinfection materials such as; gloves, masks, soaps have been provided. Each offices and departments steriled separately.  Furthermore additional precautions have been received as following;

Frequent hand washing

Limiting contact with the others including shaking hands

Limitation of group meetings and lunch breaks

Cancellation of collective meetings and travel limits

Facilitation of meetings by tele or videoconference

Home office working model has been adopted

All agriculture and forestry  workers have been informed via General Directorate of Forestry and Agriculture

Our trade union shared a declaration to all its branch office representatives and executive board about Covid-19 virus and precautions that should be received

It should once again emphasised that; Trade Unions are early warning systems of society. Trade Unions and CSO’s play a major role in keeping infected workers at home. Awareness of self-isolation or quarantine should be encouraged in the national and global levels. We as Öz Orman-İş Trade Union, strongly believe the global cooperation in fighting against the Covid 19 virus. We all have a responsibility to our workers and society to minimise the effects. Within the scope of protecting and preventing nation all stakeholders have a key role to provide health and safety. To control diseases governments should share good practices, laboratory skills and developed health system. Now is the action to unite together end ensure global security for the benefit of each worker. The best way could be enabling workers to reach clear information via establishing an information network that will be shared through EFFAT and /or other international organizations. It could be also an effective way to publish joint declaration regarding the precautions that should be received globally.

As the leading agriculture and forestry workers union, Öz Orman-İş (www.ozorman-is.org.tr) we are ready to work in cooperation with all the stakeholders. We believe that uniting together will be the best effective way to overcome this global threat.







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