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Invitation of GTWA

December 22-28, 2012
23.03.2020 14:00

A delegation headed by Vice President Settar Aslan, has visited (GTUWA) Egypt Agriculture, Fisheries and Land Reclamation Workers Union.


The cooperation  agreements have taken place on the agenda between Öz Orman-İş  Trade Union and ( GTWA) Egypt Agriculture, Fisheries and Land Reclamation Workers Union.


Led by Chairman  Settar Aslan , General Education Secretary Mustafa Çınar and  International Relations Expert Benül Topuzoğlu, have made a visit to  Egypt Workers Trade Union Federation and Egypt Minister of Labour.


During the meeting, the two countries gave information of  trade unionism  and organisation models about their countries and in which points  were needed to be negotiated.


Training programs and exchange of  mutual ideas are  expected to be held in the agenda of 2013.


A visit to Egypt Labour of Ministry


Öz Orman –İş delegation has lastly visited president of Labour of Ministry Mr. Khaled Alazhary. He indicated that; Turkey is a very important country and we need to have beneficial interactions since Turkey is a growing and a role model country. He also added that he wanted to visit Turkish Labour Of Ministry in the soonest time.


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