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Öz Orman-İş trade union participated in the EXPO International Forest events held in Dubai

Öz Orman-İş trade union participated in the EXPO International Forest events held in Dubai on March 21, 2022 as part of the International Forest events.
30.03.2022 17:39

The meeting was attended by academics from Italy, Spain, Greece, Morocco, Algeria and Israel, as well as the President of Öz Orman İş trade union; Settar Aslan, representing Turkey.

During the meeting president Settar Aslan delivered a speech and made a presentation regarding the forestry sector in Turkey and the role of forest laborers in Mediterranean Forestry.

Summary Speech of Aslan;

The world is going through changes in all dimensions; These changes in physical, chemical and biological fields also affect us. Every major change has produced new results. Every major event in the history of the world we know has been the beginning of a new process. People of every age were tested with a different test. Our test is; "Global Warming and Climate Change, which we all have been feeling for a long time, some of us are trying to prevent this disaster, and some of us are pretending to prevent it."

Our world is on the verge of a new danger, facing a new danger. The consequences of this great danger, which we have named global warming, will undoubtedly be at an unpredictable level like the previous ones.

As the inhabitants of the earth, fighting together against this danger from the sky, being in solidarity and working together is the responsibility of all of us to exist.

"If we want the continuation of the ecosystem which has been deteriorated by human hand, we need to tackle with climate change and preserve the livability of the world. We, as the inhabitants of this world, must fight against global warming together and take joint measures."

By protecting our forests, we can prevent climate change and related global warming. If this struggle is read backward, the great danger we will experience stands before us with all its clarity. The seasonal change will bring global warming, global warming will cause forest fires, and forest fires will cause the world to become far from being more livable.

Let's not forget that; This world is the legacy of our ancestors, it is the trust of our children and grandchildren. If we want to leave a more livable world to our future generations, we must increase our efforts in this direction and make them sustainable.

There are no limits to the climate in the sky, a fire in the Amazon is a common problem in the world. The effect of a fire in Dubai is the same as the damage caused by a fire in Istanbul on the world's climate. As a result, the climate is a common property of the world. It should be among our main duties to carry out this partnership.

Öz Orman İş Trade Union International Relations Expert Benül Sözer also took the floor at the panel on "The Role of Women in the Forestry Sector"; She made statements summarizing the general situation of women in the forest sector in Turkey.

In her speech, Sözer summarized the family life and work harmony of female employees in the balance between work and employer; Working life, as in the world, plays a role in the most effective way for women.

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